Crypto currency trading is the act of buying and selling digital assets at any given time for the purpose of making profit, although people trade for different purpose. $ Solar Energy is the fastest and easiest way of coming into cryptocurrency as a beginner without risk or fear of loosing money because the system is designed to guide you till you become professional in both decentralized and centralized exchanges . The basics is the decentralize exchange which u have to start with as a beginner before spot and future trading. And decentralized exchanges trading involves trading in poocoin, pancakeswap and others, to start trading on those aforementioned exchanges you need to go to Google play store and download any web3.0 wallet like UWA (universal wallet) Trust wallet or metamask but for the cause of this lecture we are going to use trust wallet, number 1: go to Google play store download Trust wallet create ur account and copy ur secret phrase keep it safe don't share with any one, now after that you have successfully create your wallet, buy your BNB usdt , BTC,ETH or BUSD depending the currency that is being paired to the asset u want to trade with, u can buy the above asset at "africashpay" , then after buying go to dapps (decentralized apps) in your trust wallet type if you want to trade in poocoin or pancakeswap. Finance/swap depending the exchange you want to trade on but we recommend poocoin Because it has automatic slippage tolerance, once it open look for trade in the interface , click on it, it will open click on search for currency, before now you have already copied the contract address of the asset u want to buy , once the search for the currency open paste the contract address on its it will open then click on it , the currency will reflect now look left side type the price u want to buy depending on the currency u want to trade, if is BNB u use 0.01 to 1 BNB depending your budget and what you have, if is usdt or busd just ty 1$ to 100$ then the quantity u want to buy will reflect then look down and approve after approved swap congratulations you have successfully bought, if you want to sell follow same step but u will only touch on the white arrow in the center facing down so if you want to sell touch it , it turn to blue then sell , buying it's will be white that is , after buying comeback to the interface by clicking on chart it will take u back, now paste your contract address on the space that say enter token name or contract of the token, you will see what you bought, scroll up to see the chart , touch on info to see the market cap and total supply, now back to trust wallet to add your token in trust wallet to always view it check up u will see two arrows click on it, it will tell you to search paste your contract address, you will see add custom token then click on it another page will open telling you to paste contract address, add token name, symbol and decimal, now look up you will see network Change it to either etherium or BSC smartchain depending the network of the token you are trading, good, then click done on top your newly traded token will appear.